Mystical, spiritual, cultural and culinary, the land of the ancient Incas offers so many diverse enjoyments that it only makes sense to plan a customized tour of Peru. Set out with your private guide on a tour of Machu Picchu, recently named “one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.” Stand at the pinnacle of Incan power overlooking the ancient Lost City. Or explore extraordinary ruins near Cusco such as Sacsahuaman made of massive stone blocks, once a royal retreat. Peru is open for all adventures. Glide across expansive Lake Titicaca to interact with the native Uros people. Visit them on their sponge-like reed islands and admire their exquisite handicrafts. In Lima, South America’s gastronomic capital, set your taste buds alight with freshly caught seafood, spicy roast chicken, skewers of grilled meats and exotic fruits. Kids love Peru too! Try tailor-made cooking lessons, horseback riding, kid-friendly history tours and more! Sleep in a converted colonial monastery or at an eco-resort surrounded by water.

Argentina’s food, wine and stunning Patagonian landscapes make it one of South America’s most bucket list-worthy destinations.

Bookend your trip with privately guided tours in Buenos Aires and Santiago, exploring the food, culture and architecture of these fascinating South American capitals on your own schedule.

Let our experts carefully craft your customized, inspiring tours of one of these South American countries.