So why Gurvy Travel?

I can save you from all stress and more importantly–time. The internet cannot help you through a difficult situation you may encounter while traveling or unforeseen circumstances that can interrupt or delay your trip–the internet has no voice. I am human and I am your single point of contact to assist you with your travel needs from our first encounter to your return from your vacation.  I will sort out all the logistics and create a trip tailored for you so you can stop researching. I am affiliated with a store-front Travel Agency in California, MTravel who have been in business for sixty plus years and rated top agency consistently in the top five throughout the nation. This allows for me to partner with a solid agency with expertise in leisure, group and corporate travel.


The recent pandemic has allowed for many lessons. A big lesson in the travel industry that stuck out were trips booked through larger travel sellers [ie: Costco, Expedia, etc} vs. the smaller specialized agencies [ie: Gurvy Travel]–“customer service” was consistent with the smaller agencies during this difficult time–there was a voice and an advocate who assisted with your travel needs.


My travel business started because of my annual trips to Turks and Caicos. I live on island every year for a month, and have for the past ten years with my family. Each summer I conduct visits at the resorts and maintain relationships with hotel managers, tour operators, and more. My travels allow me to share my passion for the island with others by becoming a specialized Travel Agent in Turks and Caicos but not limited solely to this beautiful island. I will help you arrange your vacation plans to any destination around the globe!


I travel several times a year to allow for me to immerse in the culture of the destination to bring more quality itineraries to my clients. I have traveled to Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Paris, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, London, Germany, Peru, Panama, Antigua and the list goes on. If I haven’t traveled to a destination you’re interested in,  I have relationships with suppliers and I can assure you will be in good hands with my itineraries.


I am very excited to be given an opportunity to assist you with your future travel needs and to arrange your vacation within your budget so you can start the count down to your next amazing vacation!  I charge a non refundable planning fee of $250.00.



  1. Initial Consultation and discussion of your trip details.
  2. Time spent researching and developing a proposal
  3. Making revisions to your proposal to create the perfect customized itinerary
  4. Booking and managing all components of your trip
  5. Professional mobile itinerary


After our initial conversation I will send you an agreement to complete to allow me to move forward with arranging your upcoming trip. Once you have signed the online agreement and submitted the non refundable planning fee I will start to prepare your itinerary.  You will not be sorry in choosing Gurvy Travel.