Experience the best of the Turks and Caicos Scuba Diving.  Turks and Caicos is known the world over for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters and world-class scuba diving.

The professional Dive Provo staff is dedicated to providing guests with convenient and trouble-free diving. From pick up at your hotel (for select resorts) to dropping you off at the end of the day the staff will do their utmost to make sure you have a good time.  No lugging heavy gear! The staff will set up your gear for your dive and break it down and rinse it at the end of the day. Just pack your bag, leave it on the dive boats and it will be ready for your next dive.

Dive Provo operates 3 modern dive boats, designed for customer convenience, include such amenities as showers, rinse tanks, comfortable seating, platform and ladders, as well as VHF radio and safety equipment. Their regular schedule is a daily 2 tank dive to any of the following areas Northwest Point, West Caicos, French Cay, Sandbore Channel, Pine Cay and Grace Bay. Areas chosen are based on where divers diving multiple days have already been and on weather conditions. Single tank dives are scheduled most afternoons and go out to the closest dive area of Grace Bay.

Dive boats depart from the docks at Turtle Cove Marina for diving along Provo’s north shore, and from our dock on the south side of the island for trips to West Caicos and French Cay. Departure time is 8:00 am for the 2-tank dives, returning to your hotel any time between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm depending upon the destination.  The south side trips have the later return times. Afternoon dive boats depart around 2:00 pm for single tank dive in Grace Bay, returning at approximately 4:30 – 5:00 pm. 3 tank dive days and snorkel trips are also scheduled on demand and

Private Charters are also gladly arranged!

You are required to show proof of certification such as your certification card for any recognized diving agency and proof of experience with a diving log-book.

Certified divers or experienced divers without certification are required to attend a lesson prior to scuba diving. Accordingly to the latest research from DAN (Divers Alert Network) all divers shall wait at least 18 hours before flying, after diving.



Includes: full set of equipment: mask, fins, BCD, regulator, computer for buddy divers, wetsuit, and weights. Complimentary snacks and drinks.

Gear rental is additonal

Choose from:

1-day of 2 tank boat diving | $145.00    2 days of 2 tank boat dives $199.00

Please inquire about multiple days of diving

Diving needs to be consecutive days

Per Tank Nitrox Upgrade | $10.00 per tank

 A refresher dive, or full scuba review may be required, at an additional cost, depending on the last time you dove. 

PADI Discover Scuba Diving | $299 | No previous exp. necessary | 1 pool dive | 2 accompanied dives next day| full equipment | total time: 1/2 day

12% Taxes and Fees not included

Bring: bug spray, sunglasses, hat, towel and sunblock

Bring With You:

Certificate Card Log Book

Diving cancellations subject to weather conditions



Pine Cay is a small 800 acre, privately owned island that was the first major recreational development in the Turks & Caicos Islands some 40 years ago. There are no cars allowed – only golf carts and bicycles, so the area has remained pristine. The dive sites off the Cay are submerged sea mounts that rise to within 50′ of the surface and are known for consistently good visibility – even at times when the visibility is down at other north side sites. Approximately a 35 minute boat ride.

Grace Bay is a short 15 minute boat trip from the Provo Turtle Divers’ dock and is protected by a 14 mile barrier reef. Here you will find groupers, barracudas, turtles, sharks and the occasional manta ray inhabit this area as well as the famous JoJo the wild rouge dolphin who prefers human company. Approximately a 15 minute boat ride. This area offers some of the most under-rated diving in all of the Turks & Caicos!

Northwest Point’s vertical walls are comparable to those of Little Cayman. Here you will find an exceptional three mile strip of very worthy dive sites. For experienced divers with a quality computer, you can make some wonderful multi-level dives, beginning at 100 feet and working your way up the sheer wall to end your dive in only 45 feet of water in the beautiful coral heads with teaming varieties of fish. Approximately a 45 minute boat ride.

Sandbore Channel, lying halfway between Providenciales and West Caicos, offers the best virgin diving and is outside the marine park. The walls in this area are slopping to shear and offer some of the best views for eagle rays, dolphins and sharks. The Sponges are huge and plentiful and you will find the names of the dive sites very accurate.

West Caicos, lying 10 miles southwest of Providenciales, offers virgin diving at its best. Now uninhabited, the island once had a settlement called Yankee Town, which housed about 70 or so residents who mined salt. Now you can find wild flamingos, ospreys and herons amongst the ghost town. The entire western coastline is a hostile sharp rocky shore known as “ironshore” that drops sheer to the seabed. The walls off West Caicos begin very close to shore. Approximately a 50 minute boat ride.

The Southern Cays, including French Cay, is the name given to the islands and rocks that lie on the Caicos Bank to the south, some 15 miles southeast of West Caicos. These cays are uninhabited, unspoiled and extremely beautiful as little has changed since Richard Owen’s visit on the HMS Blossom in 1829. French Cay is a breeding area for nurse sharks during the summer. Approximately a 60 minute boat ride.

At French Cay, the wall starts at 60′ and slopes deceptively quickly straight down. As great as the wall is, this is an incredible dive in the shallower water with beds of staghorn coral that are layered with grunts, soldier fish, squirrelfish and chromis. There are often huge eagle rays cruising the along the top of the wall as well as reef sharks and schools of jacks.

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