Experience the thrill of floating high above the sea on a parasailing adventure! Providenciales is an ideal location to enjoy this popular outdoor activity. You’ll take off from and land right on the boat, and get a birds-eye view of the city and coastline from the air. Enjoy the sights of the coral reef and several cays in the distance as you parasail under a colorful canopy for an approximate 8-minute ride. After hotel pickup in Providenciales board a boat that was built specifically for parasailing. Your professionally trained crew and captain will take your small group for a spectacular ride on the sea, where you’ll get your turn to parasail high into the air. No experience or skills are necessary to enjoy this fun aerial adventure, and the best equipment is maintained to ensure that your safety is a priority.

Before you fly, you’ll receive a safety briefing that explains take-off and landing procedures as well as how to communicate from the air. Once you are harnessed into the parasail canopy, you’ll launch directly from the boat’s specially designed flight deck. Select from a single ride, or double up with a friend! During your approximate 7- to 8-minute flight, enjoy a unique view of Providenciale’s beautiful beaches. Keep an eye out for the reef formations and the drop-off into the Abyss (a favorite dive spot where the sea floor suddenly drops).

Hovering approximately 500 feet (152 meters) above the water, you might catch a glimpse of the far side of the island. (If you’re really lucky, you may even spot humpback whales.) Listen only to the sound of the breeze as you relax on your parasail ride.

The crew will ensure you land right back on the boat’s flight deck, where they’ll unfasten the canopy and guide you back to your seat. After your tour, head back to shore, with drop-off at your hotel in Providenciales.


Professional Guide | Hotel pick up and drop off

Duration 60 minutes | 7-8 minutes flight time

$85.00 (12 years and over)

Exclusions: Gratuity (optional)

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