Experience the wonder of the smaller pristine cays and stunning secluded beaches that are not accessible by conventional charters. Buzz through the mangroves and enjoy the natural beauty of the inlets and waterways that connect the cays. Blast across the shallow water of the Caicos Bank looking out for rays and other sea life through the warm clear turquoise waters that make the Turks and Caicos Islands ‘Beautiful by Nature’.

You will be given full instruction on how to operate your jet-ski and supply you with all the safety equipment to make your experience truly enjoyable. The jet-ski, guide will escort you on all rentals to ensure your safety and make sure you have the best time This Guided Cay Tour offers you the opportunity to explore the Caicos Islands’ shallow south side and areas not accessible by boat.

Jet Ski Tours are available



1 Jet Ski Rental  =   $252.00 per machine for 1 hour

2 Jet Ski Rental  =   $392.00 per machine for 1 hour

Cancellation Policy: 14 days prior notice is required or $100.00 will be charged to your account 

Tour Operator: Caribbean Cruisin

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