You will cruise along Grace Bay then out to the reef for a 45-60 minute snorkel.  Then you will travel to the south side on the Caicos Bank where the staff will look for conch shells. You will then cruise to Half Moon Bay/Iguana Island where the boat will park and you have a chance to get off, stretch your legs on this stunning secluded beach.  While there, the staff will show you how they clean and prepare the conch for a yummy and fresh conch salad.

For a full day tour, you will do everything the half day does, but instead of going back to Provo you will cruise to Fort George where you will feast on a delicious seafood and chicken BBQ  complete with grilled chicken, grilled fish, lobster (when in season), roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, garlic bread, and conch salad. You will then cruise to Pine Cay for another amazing snorkel where the locals call “the fish tank”.  On the way back to Provo, you will stop for sand dollars as well. All your gear and beverages are included.

It really is a Dream Day!


Days of Operation | Thursday | 9:00am to 5:00pm

Dream Day Getaway Cruise   

Group Tour  | $197.00 Adult | $98.50 Child (kids under 10)

Private Charter

“Name your desire”

up to 12 Guests  |  $1,200.00 Single Deck Boat or $1,400 Double Deck Boat   Half Day: 9am to 1pm or 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Additional Guests $99.00 each

Gourmet Sandwiches, snacks, beer, rum punch, and soft drinks

up to 12 Guests | $2,400.00 Single Deck Boat or $2,800 Double Deck Boat  Full Day: 9:00am until anytime after 4:00pm

Additional Guests $179.00 each

Chicken and fish/lobster (in season)BBQ, snack and full bar

Tour Operator: Caicos Dream Tour

Exclusive: 12% Government Tax & Gratuity (optional)

Cancel and Change Policy: A minimum of a full 24 hours is requested to avoid a full penalty

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